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Since 2006, Stanis Crasco — an ambitious entrepreneur, creative digital product designer, and loving father of a large family—has been at the forefront of digital evolution. As an immigrant from Ukraine now residing in Canada, Stanis infuses each project with a unique global perspective and relentless drive. Under his leadership, more than 300 bespoke IT solutions have been developed, empowering businesses across over 50 countries. Currently specializing in Business Digitalization, Software Development, and Digital Product Design, CRASCO Inc. is dedicated to transforming traditional processes into seamless digital experiences, ensuring that every client steps into the future of efficient and innovative business practices.
Our latest success story, Materially, revolutionizes the aggregates industry in New York City by optimizing procurement and supply chains, connecting buyers, suppliers, and haulers through an intuitive digital platform designed by us. This project exemplifies our mission to inject unique digital value into startups and established companies alike, propelling them into the modern IT-driven market with enhanced operational performance and increased sales.
At CRASCO Inc., our diverse team operates across the globe, ensuring 24/7 service excellence and adaptability. No matter your location, we guarantee outstanding quality, speed, and results. Our commitment extends beyond business, actively supporting humanitarian efforts, notably in Ukraine, demonstrating our dedication to global and community well-being.
Connect with Stanis Crasco, a leader not just in technology but in fostering a better world. Dive into the future with CRASCO Inc. — where your digital transformation journey begins.
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